Tổng hợp các bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 dành cho band 8.0

Bạn đang ôn luyện IELTS và muốn chinh phục điểm số cao trong phần Writing Task 1? Vậy thì bạn không thể bỏ qua bài viết này! Dưới đây, Tài liệu 365 đã tổng hợp các bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 đạt band 8.0 cho từng dạng bài phổ biến nhất, giúp bạn học tập và ôn luyện hiệu quả. Hãy cùng khám phá ngay!

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1
Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1

I. Chọn lọc các bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 hay

1. Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Line Graph

Đề bài: The line graph below shows the number of visitors to three new music museums from 2011 to 2021. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 - Line Graph
Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Line Graph

Bài mẫu:

The line graph illustrates the annual number of visitors to three newly established music museums over a decade, from 2011 to 2021.

Overall, it can be observed that each museum experienced fluctuations in visitor numbers, with Museum C consistently attracting the most visitors throughout the period, while the other two had more modest numbers.

Initially, in 2011, Museum C opened with approximately 100,000 visitors, significantly higher than Museum A and B, which recorded about 30,000 and 50,000 visitors respectively. Over the following years, Museum C’s visitor count surged, peaking at around 180,000 in 2016. Conversely, Museum A and B showed slower growth during the same period.

Post-2016, a notable decline was observed in the attendance at Museum C, dropping to nearly 150,000 by 2021. Meanwhile, Museum A saw a gradual increase, reaching its zenith of 70,000 visitors in 2019 before slightly declining. Museum B experienced a relatively stable trend with minor fluctuations, ending the decade with roughly 60,000 visitors.

In conclusion, the line graph indicates significant disparities in the popularity and visitor trends among the three music museums, with Museum C initially leading by a substantial margin but facing a decline in the latter years.

Từ vựng:

  • Illustrate (verb): minh họa
  • Fluctuations (noun, pl.): Biến động
  • Surge (verb): dâng trào
  • Zenith (noun): thiên đỉnh
  • Disparity (noun): Khác biệt
  • Commence (verb): bắt đầu
  • Tally (noun): kiếm điểm

2. Bài Writing IELTS mẫu Task 1 dạng Bar chart

Đề bài: The bar chart below shows the average monthly expenditures on three types of household utilities (electricity, water, and internet) in four different cities over the year 2022. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Bài Writing IELTS mẫu Task 1 dạng Bar chart
Bài Writing IELTS mẫu Task 1 dạng Bar chart

Bài mẫu:

The bar chart delineates the average monthly spending on electricity, water, and internet services across four cities during the year 2022.

It is evident from the chart that expenditures on these utilities varied considerably among the cities, with City A generally showing the highest spending across all three categories.

Focusing on electricity, City A recorded the highest average monthly expenditure, amounting to approximately $120. This was around 20% higher than City B, which followed closely at $100. In contrast, Cities C and D exhibited considerably lower expenses at around $75 and $60 respectively. This indicates a significant disparity in electricity costs among the cities.

As for water, the spending pattern showed less variation. City A again led with an expenditure of about $50 per month, whereas the other three cities hovered around $40 each. Notably, City D, despite its lower expenditure on electricity, aligned closely with Cities B and C in terms of water costs.

Internet expenses were highest in City B at roughly $70 per month, surpassing City A by about $5. Cities C and D spent around $55 and $45 respectively. This suggests that internet costs do not correlate directly with the other utility expenses across these cities.

In summary, the bar chart reveals that City A tends to have the highest utility costs, particularly for electricity and water, while internet expenses were more evenly distributed, with City B paying the most.

Từ vựng:

  • Delineate (verb): khoanh vùng
  • Expenditure (noun): Chi phí
  • Disparity (noun): khác biệt
  • Hover (verb): bay lượn
  • Subsequent (adj.): tiếp theo
  • Align (verb): căn chỉnh
  • Surpass (verb): Vượt qua

3. IELTS Writing Task 1 bài mẫu dạng Pie chart

Đề bài: The pie chart below illustrates the percentage of students from different countries enrolled in a university’s international program in 2023.

IELTS Writing Task 1 bài mẫu dạng Pie chart
IELTS Writing Task 1 bài mẫu dạng Pie chart

Bài mẫu:

The pie chart depicts the distribution of international students enrolled in a university’s international program in 2023. It is evident that students from Asia form the largest group, accounting for nearly 40% of the total enrollment.

Students from Asia dominate the international program, with China and India being the two most represented countries, contributing 18% and 12% of the total enrollment, respectively. This is followed by Vietnam and South Korea, each accounting for 5% of the student population.

Europe is the second-largest region, with students from France and Germany forming the majority, comprising 10% and 8% of the enrollment, respectively. Italy and Spain follow closely, each contributing 4% of the international students.

Students from North America represent 15% of the total enrollment, with the United States and Canada being the primary contributors, accounting for 10% and 5% of the student population, respectively.

South America and Africa have a smaller presence in the international program, with Brazil and Nigeria being the most represented countries, contributing 3% and 2% of the enrollment, respectively.

In conclusion, the pie chart reveals a diverse student body in the university’s international program, with Asian students forming the largest group. Europe and North America also have significant representation, while South America and Africa have a smaller presence.

Từ vựng:

  • percentage: tỷ lệ
  • enrolled: ghi danh
  • international program: chương trình quốc tế
  • largest: lớn nhất
  • distribution: phân bố
  • dominant: chiếm ưu thế
  • represented: được đại diện
  • second-largest: lớn thứ hai
  • primary contributors: những người đóng góp chính
  • diverse: đa dạng
  • presence: sự hiện diện
  • smaller: nhỏ hơn

4. IELTS Writing Task 1 bài mẫu dạng Table

Đề bài: The table below shows the number of gold medals won by each country in the Summer Olympics from 2008 to 2020.

Country 2008 2012 2016 2020 Total
USA 31 46 46 39 162
China 29 38 26 40 133
Great Britain 47 27 27 22 123
Australia 43 32 28 24 127
Germany 16 40 17 33 106

 Bài mẫu:

The table compares the number of gold medals won by the top five countries in the Summer Olympics from 2008 to 2020. It is evident that the USA and China have been the dominant forces in Olympic swimming, consistently securing a large number of gold medals across all four editions.

The USA emerged as the overall champion, amassing a total of 162 gold medals over the 12-year period. Their dominance was particularly evident in 2008 and 2012, when they secured 31 and 46 gold medals, respectively.

China followed closely behind the USA, with a total of 133 gold medals. Their strongest performance came in 2016, when they claimed 26 gold medals, placing them second in the overall medal tally.

Great Britain and Australia also displayed impressive performances, securing 123 and 127 gold medals, respectively. Great Britain’s peak performance came in 2008, when they won 47 gold medals, while Australia’s strongest year was 2016, with 28 gold medals.

Germany, despite being a powerhouse in other Olympic sports, held a relatively lower position in swimming, with a total of 106 gold medals. Their best performance was in 2012, when they secured 40 gold medals.

In conclusion, the table highlights the strong presence of the USA and China in Olympic swimming, with Great Britain and Australia also showcasing their competitiveness. Germany, while excelling in other sports, has a relatively smaller presence in Olympic swimming.

Từ vựng:

  • gold medal: huy chương vàng
  • Summer Olympics: Thế vận hội Mùa hè
  • dominant: thống trị
  • champion: nhà vô địch
  • amass: giành được
  • emerged: nổi lên
  • closely behind: sát nút
  • overall medal tally: tổng số huy chương
  • display: thể hiện
  • impressive performances: thành tích ấn tượng
  • peak performance: thành tích đỉnh cao
  • strong presence: sự hiện diện mạnh mẽ
  • competitiveness: khả năng cạnh tranh
  • relatively lower position: vị trí tương đối thấp

5. Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Process

Đề bài: The diagram below illustrates the process of producing biodiesel from vegetable oil. Describe the process in your own words and use appropriate academic vocabulary.

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 - Process
Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Process

Bài mẫu:

The diagram depicts the multi-stage process of transforming vegetable oil into biodiesel, a renewable fuel alternative. The process can be broadly divided into four main stages: pretreatment, esterification, separation, and purification.

The initial stage involves preparing the vegetable oil for the subsequent esterification step. This entails removing impurities and moisture from the oil to ensure optimal conversion efficiency. This is typically achieved through filtration and drying techniques.

The core step of the process is esterification, where the vegetable oil reacts with an alcohol, such as methanol or ethanol, in the presence of a catalyst, typically sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. This reaction produces biodiesel and glycerol as byproducts.

The separation stage involves isolating the biodiesel from the reaction mixture. This is achieved through a combination of settling and washing techniques. The denser biodiesel settles at the bottom, while the lighter glycerol and impurities form a separate layer.

The final stage involves further purifying the biodiesel to remove any remaining impurities and residual glycerol. This is typically done through a multi-stage washing process using water and additional solvents. The purified biodiesel is then dried and tested to meet quality standards before being stored or used.

The production of biodiesel from vegetable oil involves a well-defined process that transforms renewable feedstock into a sustainable fuel alternative. The process encompasses pretreatment to prepare the oil, esterification to convert the oil into biodiesel, separation to isolate the biodiesel, and purification to refine the final product.

Từ vựng cần biết:

  • Pretreatment: tiền xử lý
  • Impurities: tạp chất
  • Moisture: độ ẩm
  • Conversion efficiency: hiệu quả chuyển đổi
  • Filtration: lọc
  • Drying techniques: kỹ thuật sấy
  • Esterification: phản ứng este hóa
  • Alcohol: cồn
  • Catalyst: chất xúc tác
  • Byproducts: sản phẩm phụ
  • Separation stage: giai đoạn tách
  • Settling: lắng
  • Washing techniques: kỹ thuật rửa
  • Denser: đặc hơn
  • Lighter: nhẹ hơn
  • Purification stage: giai đoạn tinh chế
  • Residual glycerol: glycerol còn sót lại
  • Multi-stage washing process: quy trình rửa nhiều giai đoạn
  • Solvents: dung môi
  • Dried: sấy khô
  • Tested: kiểm tra
  • Quality standards: tiêu chuẩn chất lượng
  • Renewable feedstock: nguyên liệu tái tạo
  • Sustainable fuel alternative: nhiên liệu thay thế bền vững

6. Bài Writing IELTS mẫu Task 1 dạng Map

Đề bài: The diagram below shows how electricity is generated by a hydroelectric dam. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Bài Mẫu:

The diagram delineates the process by which electricity is generated in a hydroelectric dam, illustrating the journey from water capture to electricity production.

The hydroelectric system is comprised of several key components including a reservoir, a dam, turbines, and a generator, all working in conjunction to produce electricity.

Initially, water is stored in a large reservoir, where it accumulates potential energy due to its elevated position. The controlled release of water from the reservoir through sluice gates allows it to flow downwards through large pipes towards the turbines. This process harnesses the gravitational force of the falling water, converting it into kinetic energy as it moves towards the dam.

Upon reaching the dam, the water’s kinetic energy is used to turn turbines located at the base of the dam. These turbines are connected to a generator above them. As the turbines spin, they drive the generator’s rotor to rotate within a magnetic field, which induces the production of electricity due to electromagnetic conversion principles.

After powering the turbines, the water exits the dam and is released back into the river downstream. This ensures that the impact on the natural flow of the river is minimized and promotes environmental sustainability. Simultaneously, the generated electricity is transmitted from the generator through high-voltage transmission lines to substations, where it is then distributed for public and commercial use.

In summary, the diagram effectively exhibits the integral steps involved in generating electricity through a hydroelectric dam, from the initial water storage in the reservoir to the final electricity distribution to the grid, emphasizing the dam’s role in sustainable energy production.

Từ vựng cần biết:

  • Delineate (verb): miêu tả một cách chính xác.
  • Conjunction (noun): sự kết hợp, sự xảy ra đồng thời của hai hoặc nhiều sự kiện hoặc vật.
  • Harness (verb): khai thác và sử dụng (nguồn tài nguyên tự nhiên), đặc biệt là để sản xuất năng lượng.
  • Induce (verb): gây ra hoặc làm phát sinh.
  • Electromagnetic conversion (noun): quá trình chuyển đổi năng lượng cơ học thành năng lượng điện sử dụng từ trường.
  • Substation (noun): trạm biến áp
  • Sustainable (adj.): bền vững
  • Gravitational force (noun): lực hấp dẫn, một lực thu hút mọi vật có khối lượng.

7. Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 – Mixed chart

Đề bài: The chart below shows the sales figures for different types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, and bicycles) over ten years, along with the percentage of electric vehicles sold in each category from 2010 to 2020. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Bài mẫu:

The provided chart presents data on the annual sales of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles from 2010 to 2020, accompanied by a line graph illustrating the percentage of these that were electric vehicles.

Overall, it is evident that while the sales of bicycles and motorcycles showed fluctuations, car sales exhibited a steady increase. Moreover, the proportion of electric vehicles in each category significantly rose over the period.

The bar chart indicates that car sales escalated steadily from 2010, beginning at 500,000 units, and peaking at 1.2 million by 2020. In contrast, motorcycle sales were relatively stable, with minor peaks and troughs, starting at 200,000 units in 2010 and closing slightly higher at 250,000 in 2020. Bicycle sales, however, displayed more significant fluctuations, peaking in 2015 at 600,000 units, but then declining to 450,000 by the end of the decade.

Regarding the line graph, the percentage of electric cars sold showed a notable increase from 5% in 2010 to 25% by 2020. Similarly, electric motorcycles also grew from 3% to 15% over the same period. Electric bicycles experienced the most dramatic rise, starting at only 2% in 2010 and surging to 30% by 2020.

In conclusion, the chart reveals a consistent increase in car sales and a substantial rise in the adoption of electric vehicles across all categories. This trend underscores the growing market penetration of electric vehicles, reflecting broader environmental and technological shifts.

Từ vựng:

  • Escalate (verb): tăng nhanh.
  • Fluctuation (noun): sự biến động không đều về số lượng hoặc lượng; sự dao động.
  • Peak (verb/noun): đạt đỉnh điểm, cao nhất ở một giá trị hoặc thời gian nhất định.
  • Surge (verb): tăng đột biến và mạnh mẽ.
  • Penetration (noun): sự thâm nhập thành công của một sản phẩm hoặc dịch vụ vào một thị trường cụ thể.

II. Link tải các bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 PDF miễn phí

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Các bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 PDF

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